General Education

General education courses convey broad knowledge and intellectual concepts to students and develop skills and attitudes that contribute to civic engagement, academic achievement, and professional attainment. General education courses address content not associated with a particular field of study. General education courses encompass written and oral communication; quantitative principles, natural and physical sciences; social and behavioral sciences; and humanities and fine arts and are designed to develop essential academic skills for enhanced and continued learning.

Missional University requires a total of 30 credit hours (plus required labs) of general education courses for all students in associate degree and bachelor 2+2 degree programs. Please review the degree program for program-specific general education requirements. Below is a list of the number of credit hours required in each course distribution category.

  • Communication (6 credit hours required)
  • Health Foundation (3 credit hours required)
  • Fine Arts or Humanities (3 credit hours required)
  • Social or Behavioral Sciences (3 credit hours required)
  • Natural or Mathematics Sciences (3 credit hours required)
  • General Education Electives (12 credit hours required)

Below is a list of General Education courses in each of the general distribution categories.

Arts Distribution


English Foundation

Health Foundation

Humanities Distribution

Mathematics Distribution

Natural Sciences Distribution

Social Science Distribution