HLT2000EN - Intro to Health in Sociology

Course description

Students will begin learning about the health beliefs, practices, and healthcare systems in other cultures. This course explores health-related topics and issues within the context of human society from a mission perspective. Class structure includes lecture, readings, discussion, and student presentations.

How this course benefits students

Students will gain more knowledge and understanding of issues related to health, illness, and healthcare within human societies. This information will be useful for students interested in participating in and/or partnering with health ministries.

Why this course is important

Birth, health, illness, health care, and death are complex subjects; their meanings and implications can vary widely between societies, as well as the individuals therein. This introductory course provides the student with a basic overview of health topics and issues found in various societies. The student will gain increased awareness of different health beliefs, practices, and health care systems around the world from a mission perspective.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Educational level
Health Foundation
Learning type
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