DGR2100EN - Digital Media for Everyday Life

Course description

Explores the artistic and technological aspects of communication through design in an increasingly digital world. Students will develop the skills needed to design language and emotion through topics including tv, films, social media communication, and values in the new digital world. Gain experience in applied learning through varied coursework.

How this course benefits students

Media is consumed outside of stationary traditional channels including tablets, mobile devices and laptops. This course will spark students to observe the reasoning or deeper meaning to their everyday life of visual communication. The development will mature the understanding of how the media works and ability to use and manipulate the media to their own advantage.

Why this course is important

Encompassing the lessons, students can articulate their translation of digital art, messaging and context. Also, most importantly, they can thoughtfully enhance their visions objective, direction and meaning.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Digital Graphics
Educational level
Arts Distribution
Learning type
Upcoming terms
* Schedule subject to change. Please contact the Registrar's office with schedule questions.

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

Part of the bible is to instill us to become one with each other, Digital media is an outlet to become one with our brothers and sisters. Learn to understand one another, all around the world, and speak the word of the Lord.

Missionally driven

The mission is to reshape the dynamics of communication which builds relationships: a considered understanding of this hi-tech environment is therefore the prerequisite for a significant presence there. The result of human interaction.

Contextually informed

The high-tech realm is quite literally all digital, without the actual word text. Given such panorama, the class will be staged in social media, marketing and advertising scenarios for students to apply contextual applications.

Interculturally focused

Digital media is now embedded into most aspects of daily life and integrated into contemporary communication as much as speaking, reading and writing. This class encourages students to understand how they use 'new' media to do 'old' things and Explores how concepts of communication with everyone around the world by using digital media and everyday life intersect with one another.

Practically minded

Students will learn the building blocks of communication; its basic tools, devices and these ideas and concepts and apply them to 'new' media and explores what it might be like to live in an increasingly digital world.

Experientially transformed

Part of the research is to experience new ventures that students have not tapped into either from first hand experience as a visitor or as a creator. Conceptualizing the reasoning of their findings and identifying certain activities will question the facts of what their experience was. Students will answer to the types of feelings that they felt and create a use specifics of future steps they need to create a proper experience for their audience.