NTN2010EN - Intro to Nutrition and Health

Course description

This course examines at an introductory level the concepts of nutrition and health from a biblical perspective. An exploration of the ministry implication of global nutrition trends and personal habits with a focus on core nutritional concepts and their integration in health. Exploration of meal plans, intercultural nutritional diversity, physiological nutritional challenges and socioeconomic effects on nutrition are of major focus examining biblical alignment of these major foundational areas applied in a community setting.

How this course benefits students

The course provides students with knowledge of nutrition and health as well as relevant terminologies. Topics to be covered focus on the body’s nutritional needs to ensure optimal health and well-being, as well as nutritional issues ranging from food insecurity, obesity to non-communicable diseases. Discussion of opportunities and challenges associated with food distribution ministries along with application in communities recognizing different diversities is examined in depth. Students learn to plan nutrition intervention programs and learn to effectively communicate on health and nutritional matters to their community.

Why this course is important

Nutritional diseases and disorders are increasingly impacting families and communities. These diseases are growing epidemics around the world; it has health and ministry implications. Students reflect on their personal nutrition and eating habits, as well as explore current global trends in light of biblical teachings. Students are challenged to create healthy meal plans for a family with limited means, while harnessing local resources for sustainability. Develop nutritional intervention plans for culturally diverse communities respecting individual differences.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Educational level
Health Foundation
Learning type
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How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

The foundations of nutrition and health are examined from a biblical perspective. The Christian's role in promoting a healthy and nutritionally adequate diet using local and available resources is emphasized. Issues in food security, healthy meal planning, to nutritional disorders and health behavior patterns explored in depth. Exploring biblical perspectives on diet and healthy behaviors is core to this course.

Missionally driven

Health and nutrition concepts are applied with a mission focus to holistically engage communities and those who live in them. Students at the end of the course can identify nutrition-related behaviors, opportunities for food ministry and healthy nutrition program planning applications.

Contextually informed

Course content is contextually informed, recognizing diversity and cultural differences specifically related to health and nutrition. The class includes current social, political, and economic considerations impacting food behaviors in communities, and society as a whole. Students develop skillsets relevant to addressing nutritional challenges at all levels and recognizing nutritional disorders and deficiencies impacting overall health.

Interculturally focused

Case studies provides students opportunities to explore nutrition practices and healthy behavior in various cultures. Specific attention to nutrition beliefs and practices that are culturally diverse establishes common foundation for intercultural appreciation. Essays, group discussions and community activities provides opportunities for engagement.

Practically minded

Course provides practical opportunities for addressing health and nutrition issues and challenges within communities as a concerned layperson, as well as globally through the church body. The development of applicable problem solving skillsets is a fundamental focus of the course.

Experientially transformed

The evaluation of nutrition and healthy behavior issues in communities, families and countries is a core focus as well as students reflecting on personal nutrition behaviors, comparing and contrasting with others, appreciating differences and commonalities. The application and engagement of knowledge gained to solve problems is emphasized and practical application skills to improve nutrition and health parameters of others is critical.