NTN2010EN - Intro to Nutrition and Health

Course description

An introduction to the concepts of nutrition and health from a biblical perspective. Students will explore the ministry implication of global nutrition trends and personal habits. Course project involves developing healthy meal plans for a family on a limited income using local resources.

How this course benefits students

The course provides students with knowledge of nutrition and health terminology. Topics to be covered will focus on the body’s nutrition needs to ensure optimal health and well-being, as well as issues such as food insecurity. Opportunities and challenges associated with food distribution ministries will be discussed.

Why this course is important

Obesity is a growing epidemic around the world; it has health and ministry implications. Students will reflect on their personal nutrition and eating habits, as well as explore current global trends in light of biblical teachings. Students will be challenges to create healthy meal plans for a family with limited means, while harnessing local resources for sustainability.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Educational level
Health Foundation
Learning type
Upcoming terms*
  • 2023-03 (Jan. 8, 2024 - March 4, 2024)
* Schedule subject to change. Please contact the Registrar's office with schedule questions.
Dr. Erica Sturridge, Senior Professor of Nutrition