MFA2120EN - Foundations of Veteran & Military Health

Course description

This course will examine resiliency and vulnerabilities in stressors frequently associated with many service members and veterans. What is it like to be separated from one’s family, to go to war, to kill an enemy combatant, witness trauma, or face moral injury? Where and how service members and veterans can receive care for these issues will be explored in the course.

How this course benefits students

Students need to be aware of the aspects of military lifestyle which are not as common in the general population. Without an understanding of these stressors, a missional ministry would not meet the needs of the target audience.

Why this course is important

Some issues with regard to military and veteran health are unique to the military culture and experience. Without this understanding, students will be limited in their ability to assist them.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Military Family Advocacy
Educational level
Health Foundation
Learning type
Upcoming terms
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Dr. Glori Sommerer, LPC, Professor of Military & Veteran Health

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

Ministry throughout the diaspora is a major theme in the book of Acts. Included in this movement is resolving issues across cultural norms. Missional activity to the military culture, whether active, veteran, or retired, is a very simlilar activity.

Missionally driven

Understanding foundations of health and healthcare systems will people who are interested in reaching out to the military community is vital.

Contextually informed

Healthcare dynamics are central to the life and health of military members and their families. Understanding these systems will help in ministering in the military context.

Interculturally focused

Military members are a reflection of society as a whole. Psychological and physical health is provided for many of the cultures also found in the general society.

Practically minded

Understanding the physical and emptional support systems for the military greatly aids in relating and helping military and veteran families.

Experientially transformed

Learning about healthcare systems for military members and veterans will enable students to be more prepared to assist military members and veterans in need.