THM3400EN - Intro to Missional Theology

Course description

Examines the biblical theological foundations of God's plan for global redemption throughout the Old and New Testament. The student will explore the eternal purpose of God for humanity, the state of those who have not heard the gospel, and the application of the missional mandate to various cultures.

How this course benefits students

Mission must be driven by a theology that is biblically centered, but without ignoring historical and contextual issues. This course will lead the student to thoughtfully analyze the basis and the context for Biblical mission in the contemporary setting. The student will be able to develop and apply a theology of mission to whatever context she finds herself. Because the course deals with the foundational basis for mission, it will benefit the student in a variety of career or volunteer paths such as theological education, missional and missiological training, and sociological, pastoral, and anthropological studies.

Why this course is important

The Church of Christ must draw its biblical and theological foundations for mission from the Scriptures in order to be a transformational mission to the world. The missional task call for a biblical and theological reflection that will lead to a missional praxis that is consistent with the Evangelical Faith.

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

Mission Theology must be constructed from the Scripture as its foundational source and motivation.

Missionally driven

Mission Theology must be constructed from a solid missional perspective.

Contextually informed

Mission Theology must be a legitimate contextual theology, constructed from a critical contextualized framework.

Interculturally focused

Mission Theology must be constructed from an intercultural dialogue with a variety of ethnic Christian voices.

Practically minded

Mission Theology must be a potent voice to a solid and sound praxis.

Experientially transformed

Mission Theology must be geared toward a constant and healthy transformational experience.