Undergraduate Certificate in Intercultural Studies with a focus in Interpreting Services

Serving through interpreting for immigrants in the mission of God

Why Interpreting Services?

The Undergraduate Certificate in Interpreting Services is a humanities-based interdisciplinary Certificate program that prepares bilingual students to take the exams to become a certified interpreter in legal and medical contexts. Students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to pass certification exams to become a Certified Medical Interpreter and a Certified Court Interpreter including the following capabilities:

  • ability to relate the biblical and theological foundations of God's plan for global redemption throughout the Old and New Testament to the missional mandate within various cultures
  • ability to prepare for certification/registration as an interpreter/translator through the study of linguistic communication, translation approaches, problems and processes, cultural competency and ethics, the role of the interpreter, modes of interpretation, and interpreter errors
  • ability to develop missional life patterns that incorporate interpreting/translating into the normal rhythms of everyday life and work
  • competency in legal terminology and concepts commonly used in legal proceedings and communication and the ability to restate legal vocabulary in lay terms
  • competency in consecutive and simultaneous legal interpretation as applied to common judiciary situations
  • competency in medical terminology and concepts commonly used in healthcare settings and the ability to read and interpret important medical research, health, and medical articles and apply medical research to the patient/client population being served
  • competency in consecutive and simultaneous medical interpretation as applied to common medical situations

Core faculty