Undergraduate Certificate in Missional Practice with a focus in Missional Church Planting

Starting missional congregations in the mission of God

Why Missional Church Planting?

The Undergraduate Certificate in Missional Church Planting is a missionally driven, interdisciplinary certificate program equipping students in the basic principles and methods of missional church planting. Addionally, the student will be biblically prepared in how to join God in His mission by way of an introduction to the basic steps in planting missional churches. And finally, the readiness of students to be planters will be assessed.

Missional Church Planting requires planters led by God's Spirit. God calls ministry leaders to identify and recruit planters that conform to the church's or denomination's vision, mission, values, and doctrine. However for those new congregations to emerge, potential new planters must be prepared to relate the planting process to their personal background and giftedness, including their academic preparation, missional understanding, spirituality and their understanding of the "business" side of ministry. New church planters must be trained to engage obstacles, relationship dynamics, and potential problems related to starting congregations. Further, planters must rely on the Holy Spirit to guide them with their specific calling to the task of church planting. The Undergraduate Certificate in Missional Church Planting equips students to enhance their readiness to start churches by learning the stages and ongoing dynamics of planting reproducing, missional congregations.

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