Undergraduate Certificate in Theological Studies with a focus in Moral Theology & Ethics

Studying the scriptures in the mission of God

Why Moral Theology & Ethics?

The Undergraduate Certificate in Moral Theology & Ethics equips students with the biblical and theological foundations for understanding, teaching, and developing strategies for personal moral formation, decision making, and life action. In a time when relativism and subjectivism rule, students will understand competing ethical models of character and moral formation and will be able to discern those that are biblical, in order to integrate them into missional living.

The alert student is conscious of global ethical models and philosophical worldviews, including pragmatism, subjectivism, pluralism, scientific materialism, objectivism, nihilism. etc. These are heralded in academia down to popular culture. Students who seek to live missionaly in any global context must be able to analyze and evaluate these worldviews and ethical models, and then, argue for, develop, and, most importantly, live out a personal moral and social ethic that is grounded in Scripture. The Undergraduate Certificate in Moral Theology & Ethics equips students to build and live out a biblically-based and missionally-driven social ethic that will address personal moral and character formation and ethical decision making.