Undergraduate Certificate in Missional Practice with a focus in Missional Congregational Leadership

Leading congregations into the mission of God

Why Missional Congregational Leadership?

The Undergraduate Certificate in Missional Congregational Leadership is a missionally driven, interdisciplinary certificate program that equips students to understand global diversity as an integral part of the development of missional congregations and cultural transformation. The study of Missional Congregational Leadership is devoted to a practical understanding of doing missional ministry. Students are challenged and taught to apply courses in missional congregations to their participation and leadership in local congregational development.

This course of study keeps pace with western civilization's discontinuous cultural change and prepares the student to lead in influential ways for Jesus Christ instead of following change and merely conforming to it. Further, this academic emphasis is also experientially rich. Students therefore, learn and experience how to sow biblical truth into the secularized soil of diverse cultural contexts throughout the world. Personal, spiritual, and cultural transformation is the harvest of Biblical truth.