Undergraduate Certificate in Intercultural Studies with a focus in Intercultural Mission

Serving interculturally in the mission of God

Why Intercultural Mission?

The Undergraduate Certificate in Intercultural Mission offers applicants to mission boards and agencies, candidates for missionary work, mission workers among culturally different peoples, and missional believers serving in their communities the following capabilities:

  • ability to relate the biblical and theological foundations of God's plan for global redemption throughout the Old and New Testament to the missional mandate within various cultures
  • ability to strategically mobilize, equip and engage Christians to join the mission of God by becoming culturally engaged in their communities
  • ability to develop strategies for living and ministering in intercultural settings including dealing with culture shock, team dynamics, and observation skills
  • ability to employ current missional strategies to make disciples through church planting movements
  • ability to apply the principles and skills necessary to learn a second language/culture
  • ability to utilize basic tools of cultural anthropology to determine openings for global engagement through self-reflection and evaluation of key principles
  • ability to communicate a gospel witness in a new cultural context through applying principles arising from linguistics, contextualization, storying, and the use of new developments in fields of technology

All believers have been sent by Jesus Christ to serve in the mission of God in the world just as He was sent by God - and thus should be involved in missional service wherever they are. However, for centuries, Christian churches, church groups, mission agencies, and non-profits & NGOs have sent out "missionaries" who are specifically tasked to share the gospel, start faith communities [churches] and to perform ministries of service, such as education, literacy, social justice, health care, and economic development.

Intercultural mission takes this a step further. It acknowledges that missional believers as well as "missionaries" must first be culturally-engaged, that is, that missional service is relational, mutual, dialogical, open-ended, and creates space within which God’s missio dei [the mission of God] can be experienced. The Undergraduate Certificate in Intercultural Mission equips students to become missionally-driven, interculturally-focused, and contextually-informed so that they may confidently engage the complexity and diversity of cultural identities today.

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