Academic Division

Equipping students to serve in the mission of God

We are so excited at Missional University to be a part of something new and dynamic in the academic world – a university totally committed to equipping God’s people to fulfill His missional calling in their lives!

God has put together one of the most culturally, academically, ethnically, denominationally, and geographically diverse faculty I have ever witnessed in decades of academic work.

Students will be extremely blessed to be exposed to mentors that are strongly committed, not only to intellectual rigor but real-time immersion challenging them to immediately put principles into practice in local missional contexts.

As Chief Academic Officer & Provost I am thrilled to be able to serve students, faculty, and staff at Missional University with the gifts God has given me to bring the Gospel to every domain in our lost and broken world. May His kingdom come, and His will be done here at Missional University as it is heaven!