Academic Affairs Council

Supporting missional competency development


The Academic Affairs Council (AAC) meets weekly for purposes of academic planning and accountability, curriculum and course development and deployment (in conjunction with the Dean of Online Education), academic policies and priorities, articulation agreements, national and specialized accreditations, long-range planning and academic strategy development, and oversight of the faculty recruitment process (in conjunction with the Director of Human Resources).  

The AAC reviews, develops, and recommends policy and guidelines regarding curriculum and approves or disapproves requests for new courses, course revisions, new programs, program revisions, major and sub-major academic programs, specializations including concentrations and tracks, and other academic policies, e.g., admissions standards, academic calendar, academic reinstatement, decisions on academic credits, class size, grading, issues related to attendance, student concerns related to curriculum and instruction and other responsibilities. The AAC is also responsible for maintaining and updating the Faculty Handbook. 

The AAC has the responsibility for examining the interrelationships among program areas in the university and for overseeing for the faculty the total academic plan and its various programs and components. This examining and overseeing function shall include, but not be limited to, the reviewing of course titles and content for duplication, and the monitoring of records pertaining to enrollments in associate, bachelor degree completion, graduate, professional education programs and courses. The final recommendations of the AAC shall be forwarded along with copies of all official Academic Affairs Council correspondence to the Provost/Chief Academic Officer who will submit them to the Executive Leadership Team for review and approval.

All courses and programs will be reviewed by ELT in terms of their adherence to the mission and vision of the university, the faith and ethos statements, and their incorporation of the university's missional competency framework.


AAC Meeting

Meeting frequency
Meeting days
Meeting time
18:00 UTC (2 p.m. US/Eastern)
Meeting duration
an hour
Meeting location
AAC Conference Room