School of Theological Studies

Joining God's Mission

Biblical scholars in the School of Theological Studies provide courses that lay a biblical foundation to the rest of the curriculum at Missional University. In addition to reading the text missionally, faculty create "theology of" courses that integrate every degree program with biblical themes. Students in Theological Studies learn how to apply scripture to various contexts in post- and pre-Christian societies. The School of Theological Studies offers degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Organizational Structure of the School of Theological Studies

The School of Theological Studies is under the leadership of the Dean who reports to the Provost. Periodic reports are made directly to the University faculty & Provost, and through the University President, to the Board of Trustees. The faculty conducts its day-to-day business primarily through its school and department meetings.

Faculty of the School of Theological Studies

All faculty must subscribe to Missional University’s Mission, Vision & Core Values Statement, Statement of Faith, and Ethos Statement, as well as meet the academic and professional requirements of the field in which they are teaching. The Dean and/or the department chair interview(s) all candidates for faculty teaching positions. All teachers are evaluated for their instructional performance in each course. Additional information about the School of Theological Studies can be found on its website.