Department of Biblical Studies

Studying the Mission of God in Salvation History

The Department of Biblical Studies is built on the understanding that the Bible is the story of the redemptive mission of God. Studies of the missio dei as expressed in the Old Testament, the Gospels, and the New Testament epistles provide the theological foundation for graduates preparing to be missional in any area of service. 

Why Biblical Studies?

All human ideas and endeavors are driven and informed by a worldview. That worldview, however, may not be recognized, verbalized, and even be consistent. Missional University recognizes that God’s story – the biblical worldview – takes precedent over any cultural, social, or personal worldview. The redemptive mission of God is the story, the metanarrative that answers all narratives. The challenge from the Department of Biblical Studies to all students is to immerse themselves in God’s story by reading, researching, and grappling with the biblical text. The outcome will not be simply more information about the Bible, but the essential tools for developing a worldview that will shape and inform their lives and missional service. The bottom line goal is a graduate who can give a biblical answer to the “why” and “how” for every missional endeavor in life.


Concentrations consist of 4 or 5 courses (12 or 15 credit hours) that are offered by departments that are attached to majors in various schools and colleges with related programs. Tracks consist of 6 to 9 courses (18 to 27 credit hours) that are considered a part of the major to which they are attached.


  • Advanced Hebrew Studies (Doctoral)
  • Biblical Theology (Doctoral)
  • Extended Research & Project
  • Extended Research & Thesis
  • Old Testament Mission
  • Old Testament Mission (Doctoral)