Undergraduate Certificate in Transforming Communities with a focus in Spiritual Caregiving

Providing support in the mission of God

Why Spiritual Caregiving?

The Undergraduate Certificate in Spiritual Caregiving offers community ministry practitioners and those involved in the spiritual care of others the following capabilities:

  • basic skills for cultivating healthy learning environments involving theological reflection
  • ability to create personal spiritual development (soul care) plans which include the spiritual dimension of missional engagement
  • ability to increase capacity of spiritual caregiving to generate personal and social transformation
  • ability to define spirituality and discuss methods of integrating spirituality in small group therapy.
  • ability to integrate spiritual caregiving in marriage and familty counseling and therapy
  • ability to develop and implement a customized plan of self-care that fosters an ongoing development and maturation of a strong faith in God

Spiritual care is that care which recognises and responds to the needs of the human spirit when faced with trauma, ill health or sadness and can include the need for meaning, for self worth, to express oneself, for faith support, perhaps for rites or prayer or ordinance/sacrament, or simply for a sensitive listener. Some people find meaning, comfort, hope, goodness and community through their religious practice, beliefs and/or community of faith. Some people do not. Regardless of whether religious faith is a part of a person's life, spiritual concerns, resources and needs can still be very important. Spiritual caregiving provides an opportunity for missional Christians to join in the mission of God who is at work in the lives of others. The Undergraduate Certificate in Spiritual Caregiving equips students to provide spiritual, emotional and relational support to people who are seeking answers to what we call the "big" questions of life.