SCG3700EN - Spiritual Caregiving in Healthcare

Course description

How does one apply the calling of spiritual caregiving to the unique world of healthcare? This course equips spiritual caregivers to apply their spiritual gifts towards the specific context of healthcare. Under examination are the challenges of ministering in a multi-faith context, developing one’s personal identity as a caregiver, and functioning in an interdisciplinary context with other healthcare professionals. Students will also be given an introduction to the various healthcare contexts in which one may serve as a spiritual caregiver.

How this course benefits students

Students who minister through caregiving must develop the skills for engaging people of diverse spiritual and theological backgrounds. This requres a specific skill-set that enable students to engage others effectively in spiritual care in critical times of their lives. This course also lays important groundwork for effective pastoral care and enables students to go on to specialize in specific areas of spiritual caregiving.

Why this course is important

People who engage the healthcare system are vulnerable and in need of guidance. Spiritual guidance and engagement may be an essential part of their healing. It is critical for missional believers to develop a practice of care that will enable them to engage the spiritual needs of others.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Spiritual Caregiving
Educational level
Learning type
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How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

This course helps students develop a biblical framework for engaging people of all faiths or of no faith at all.

Missionally driven

Missional minded Christianity is intent on translating the gospel into a variety of contexts. This course helps one develop a specific, contextual set of skills for engaging people in faith conversations at one of the most vulnerable points of their lives.

Contextually informed

Spritual care in the health care setting is unique from other forms of spiritual care. This course equips students for the specific context of health care.

Interculturally focused

Healthcare is a broad and diverse setting in which mission-minded believers are able to engage a broad population of people with varied spiritual needs.

Practically minded

Students will develop specific, practical skills for engaging the spiritual needs of persons who are seeking healthcare. Techinques are practical and will engage real-life situations.

Experientially transformed

Students will bring their own experiences and situations to the learning experience. Beyond just healthcare, the skills students will earn serve them in a variety of contexts.