TMD3530EN - Theology of Disability

Course description

This course discusses Christian understanding of disability from a biblically informed perspective for missional work concerning physically disabled persons. Topics covered include the meaning to be humans as created in the image of God, the connection between persons with disabilities and the wide variety of Christian communities and practices, and how Christ’s healing of bodies becomes a sign of spiritual healing. Students are assessed, based mainly on readings and lectures, through online discussion, weekly writing or exercises, case studies, and practical projects.

How this course benefits students

This course helps students understand God’s plan with the all creatures, including the disabled persons. It explains the enigmatic topics concerning disability, such as theodicy, the meaning of existence, and the scope of salvation. As a result, this course equips students with knowledge, wisdom, and willingness for their mission in a world shared by both abled and disabled humans.

Why this course is important

Disability is a crucial source of suffering in the human world for disabled persons and their families or friends. Thus, disability becomes a significant concern of salvation and pastoral care. For a person called to do missional work, it is crucial to know why God allows disability, what kind of problems disability might raise, and God’s solution to it.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Medical Theology
Educational level
Learning type
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Dr. Xi Li, Professor of Medical Theology

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

Readings and lectures are based on biblical texts, especially those concerning God’s creation and Christ’s healing of bodies.

Missionally driven

Healing bodies is an essential part of God’s mission in this world. This course focuses on God’s healing power on disability and the meaning of such healing.

Contextually informed

This course explains why disability is a contextual concept and how this feature impacts missional solutions to the problems caused by disability.

Interculturally focused

Different cultures may have different understandings and attitudes to disability. This course emphasizes and thus investigates the cultural difference concerning disability.

Practically minded

This course considers Christian solutions to more than the definition of disability. The purpose is to apply Christ’s healing strategy to this world.

Experientially transformed

Students are encouraged and equipped to live out their faith in the love, patience, and power of Christ in healing bodies.