Undergraduate Certificate in Creative Communication with a focus in Songwriting

Serving by composing music in the mission of God

Why Songwriting?

The Undergraduate Certificate in Songwriting equips students to write and produce music in a variety of musical styles and genres. Students develop skills in evaluating Western and non-Western music, folk music and contemporary oral music traditions to fuel creative, original musical fusions. Building on a theology of worship that spans both corporate worship and embodied worship in everyday life, students develop skills in writing music that reflect the Christian message as well as creating compositions as a catalyst for missional living.

Christians musicians today are in a unique position to use the influence of music to serve in the mission of God. While many focus on writing music for the church, missional musicians employ their songwriting skills as a means of developing relationships with non-Christians, thereby enhancing their opportunities to both demonstrate Christ's love and to share the good news of the gospel. Christian musicians may serve in many different sociocultural settings - where they interact interculturally. The Undergraduate Certificate in Songwriting offers students the opportunity to serve in the mission of God where they are or around the globe through composing music.

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