Department of Music & Ethnodoxology

Christian Witness through Worship

Worship of the Triune God is one of the greatest acts possible. In scripture, artistic expression is used extensively in worship. Music, poetry and drama take many forms of creative expression, calling on Christians across the ages to continually create new artistic forms for worship. Furthermore, music and worship can be one of the most powerful ways of touching the human heart with the loving message of the good news of Jesus. This department is committed to the highest level of artistic excellency in the missional service of making God's name famous among all the nations through indigenous forms of expression.

Why Music & Ethnodoxology?

At the center of Christian belief and experience, worship focuses on the character of God. He alone is worthy of worship. Believers of all backgrounds can express their worship creatively through musical and performance arts. For effective worship leadership, missionally-minded students need a solid foundation in biblically based worship, cultural studies, indigenous musical theory and techniques and historical and contemporary development of music and worship arts.

Causes Supported