TCL4700EN - Theology of Worship

Course description

Every issue is a worship issue. In this course, the student learns to think through honor, allegiance, and authority as it pertains to all our gathered and scattered rhythms in life. We work to contemplate and forge a more organic framework for what the Bible describes as ‘worship,’ and we develop a project for our context that can then be shared with all those in our churches and beyond.

How this course benefits students

Worship has become synonymous with music. In all reality, worship reaches far deeper and far wider, and every believer benefits in grasping just how far the rabbit hole goes. The glory of God truly fills all things, and any area of service within the cosmos, church, and culture should connect the life of God to the whole of the believer’s worship life.

Why this course is important

Everyone worships. Either consciously or subconsciously. It’s to our benefit to learn how to be thoughtful, intentional, theological, and effective so that we are led toward truth and not into error.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Cultural Theology
Educational level
Learning type
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Dr. David Yauk, Professor of Missional Worship

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

The Bible is remarkably repetitive in its rhythms for gathered and scattered worship and in this course explores how these timeless liturgies must impact us in timely ways.

Missionally driven

Worship is connected to how we do mission, and neither the pursuit of God (his mission) nor his glory (worshipping him) fades into eternity. We are learning things that last forever.

Contextually informed

Worship is an “everywhere” word and is used more as a cosmos and cultural idea by Jesus and Paul. We’ve confined it to be solely a “church” word (local church). This course helps reconnect our worship with “all of life.”

Interculturally focused

Every culture should observe God’s timeless rhythms and do it uniquely through their own personality. This course equips the student to preserve both.

Practically minded

We learn around projects that get us active, out in our communities and learning to gather and scatter with each other.

Experientially transformed

Everything we teach you apply in real time.