MWS3102EN - Music Composition II

Course description

Building on the foundational skills in Music Composition I, this music composition course has a strategic focus on collaboration and co-writing. Believing that ‘two heads are better than one', this courses helps songwriters determine where their strengths lie as composers and how to identify co-composers that fulfill their deficiencies. Students will put to action the skills learned in Worship Writer I in collaborative assignments that will test their ability to work closely with others. Arguably, the songs that stand the test of time are forged out of experiences that challenge the melody and lyric. Whereas our audience is the ultimate adjudicators, the experience of co-writing will sharpen critical thinking skills with one another, enabling composers to have their work challenged to be the best it can be.

How this course benefits students

Each movement of God throughout the ages has been characterized by fresh expressions of timeless truth. There is a need in the church today to have educated and trained songwriters and artists who are capable of expressing their faith in a variety of styles and genres. History demonstrates that the medium of music is often one of the most effective ways to articulate and characterize the faith of a generation. This course will equip and challenge young artists and songwriters with the skills they need to compose effective songs with others that accurately articulate and communicate the truths and themes of the Christian faith.

Why this course is important

When God moves, songs follow. Be it Hillsong, Vertical Church, or Passion, the contemporary worship landscape is bursting with new songs of faith expressing the greatness and majesty of God. Some people think songwriters are born but we beg to differ. Like any skill, songwriting is a skill that can be developed. With Missional University’s Music Composition courses you will unlock the secrets of songwriting and give language to the intuitive things that make songs work. God is rising up a legion of songwriters for the church to give expression to the truths of His Word. Take the next step in your calling and equip yourself with the skills needed to see your fullest potential realized and released!

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Music & Worship Studies
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Dr. David Yauk, Professor of Missional Worship

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

This course has the biblical understanding of music at the core. So, this course on Music Composition will focus on the importance of composing music that is solidly biblically based and theologically accurate.

Missionally driven

Christian songs at their core are missional, purposed to draw believers into a deeper faith and discipleship as well as challenge them to cultivate a missional lifestyle on purpose with the mission of Christ. Focus is given to the ‘calling' of Christian songwriters to compose songs that fulfill this task.

Contextually informed

Music Composition focuses on lyric depth that is drawn out of personal experiences. Students are encouraged to consider the needs of their church and their mission and compose to that end.

Interculturally focused

Through diverse exposure to a multitude of styles of music, both sacred and secular, students are familiarized with different cultural expressions of faith. A variety of stylistic assignments are purposed to challenge students to compose for different cultures.

Practically minded

Composition assignments for this course are all practical in nature.

Experientially transformed

Drawing from faith experiences and specific needs in the songwriter's community of faith, this course grants students opportunity to compose from their experiences. Composition assignments are reflective, but through feedback from the professor and other students, will offer experiential interaction with others.