Graduate Certificate in Missional Practice with a focus in Mission Shaped Development in Millennial Cultures

Serving emerging generations in the mission of God

Why Mission Shaped Development in Millennial Cultures?

The Graduate Certificate in Mission-Shaped Development in Millennial Cultures enjoins generational theory to a biblically-based and interculturally contextualized approach to disciplemaking. Worldview, racial, and cultural diversity are addressed through the lens of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The student will gain a missionally driven understanding of relating to and unifying generations through the transforming power of the Gospel.

Emerging generations are among the most important investments missionally minded believers can make. Millennials are future socio-cultural transformers (for good or ill), policymakers, church, political, business, and academic leaders. However, they are the most unchurched people group in Western Civilization. It is imperative that discipleship strategies, missional in nature, be designed and applied to engaging Millennials.