ELD5350EN - Principles and Practices of Millennial Ministries

Course description

Based on group discussions, readings, and writing assignments, this course addresses theological and sociological foundations of ministering to emerging adults and engages students in the formulation and design of effective ministry methods for practical application.

How this course benefits students

The Millennial generation is unique in several ways, so it is imperative that their beliefs, values, and worldview is understood before constructing ministry programs designed for them. This course marries thought and action, theory and praxis, so that maximum impact can be made in ministry settings.

Why this course is important

Millennials are the largest generation on earth today, and they are also the most un-churched, de-churched cohort. Effective ministry strategies are needed to reach them so that they can become vibrant members of the ecclesia, ensuring the transmission of the gospel for generations to come.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Emerging Leadership
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Dr. Sara Blakeney, Professor of Millennial Faith & Culture

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

The Bible is full of examples of how the Christian believers are to transmit the faith to younger generations. These Scriptural models are examined for their normative value in the discipleship of Millennials.

Missionally driven

The disenfranchisement of the Millennial generation from the institutionalized church means that ministry must be missionally-oriented. Students are equipped on how to be on mission in all sectors of society.

Contextually informed

With emerging generations, context is paramount. This includes both the physical context, such as how to engage Millennials in their own cultural spheres, and the conceptual context, such as how to minister in their postmodern thinking.

Interculturally focused

Research shows that because of the ubiquity of the Internet, Millennials are connected globally and therefore like-minded in their worldview. This course takes into account their commonalities across various cultures.

Practically minded

This course moves beyond learning about Millennials, society, and Scripture and requires students to formulate a practical ministry plan based on the knowledge gained.

Experientially transformed

Beyond the reading material and writing assignments, the course invites students to engage with one another, with God in prayer, and with the world around them. In doing so, rote learning is transcended so that the student is "transformed by the renewing of [her] mind" (Rom 12:2) for the glory of God.