Pre-Environmental Studies Academy

Creation Care and Sustainability

Why Pre-Environmental Studies?

Pre-Environmental Studies introduces students to an understanding of earth resources, green design, and land use planning and policy as they explore the issues of urban development, exploration and exploitation of earth resources, and environmental stewardship.

Our civilization is dependent on the exploration, exploitation and transformation of earth resources, most of which are non-renewable. The growth of the human population demands a constant expansion of urban areas, putting further strain on the environment. Taking care of the non-human creation is not an option, it is a mandate that must be factored in every step of the way as humans learn function as stewards of God's creation.  

Pre-Environmental Studies challenges students to consider God’s redemptive plan as inclusive of all creation. The students are grounded in the context of biblical  stewardship of the earth and equipped to engage creatively in holistic mission that reconciles people with God, each other, and the non-human creation.

Livingstone Signature Series

Livingstone Signature Series - 6 credit hours

General education courses

General Education Elective - 3 credit hours

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