Livingstone Signature Series

We chose David Livingstone as an example of a life dedicated to service in the mission of God.  Missional University encourages its students to emulate the passion and vision of David Livingstone to join in serving in the mission of God wherever God leads them in many different vocational capacities. 

The Livingstone Signature Series is the missional centerpiece of the programs at Missional University.  The Pre-University Academies feature two of these courses. These courses provide a foundational missional understanding:

What is the Mission of God in Our World and What is My Role in It?

A course that traces the theme of God's redemptive work in our world from Genesis to Revelation provides students with ways to see God at work all around them in everyday life. This course introduces the student to the missional nature of God, how He has been at work through human history, and ways in which Christian believers can participate in the work of God in the world around them.

How do I Grow Spiritually, Help Other Christians to Grow Spiritually, and Join Other Believers in Engaging My Community?

A course that teaches Christians how to develop a personalized spiritual development process through the study of scripture, prayer and fellowship with other Christians that leads to engaging the needs of people around them together.  Students discover practical and creative ways of deepening their personal spirituality allowing more engagement with not-yet Christians and the development of authentic missional community.