What is the Dual Enrollment Academy?

Missional University offers dual and concurrent enrollment courses as an affordable and convenient way for high school students to gain a head start on earning college-level degrees. Earning college credit while a high school student accelerates the pathway to college graduation and reduces the amount of time to accomplish it. 

Ways to gain college credits while in high school

When high school students are looking for college-credit courses, there are several options to consider including dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, and advanced placement. 

Dual enrollment

The most popular option is dual enrollment, which partners high schools with colleges and universities. In this arrangement the university course counts for both high school credit and also college credit, thus being used twice. This is a great option for both students in private Christian high schools and in homeschools! Contact the Director of Dual Enrollment for further information.

Concurrent enrollment

Concurrent enrollment occurs when high school students take university courses in addition to their high school courses. The university courses provide college credit but are not used for high school credit. Students continue to take courses at their high school while also taking a course at the university. Concurrent enrollment is a great option in situations where a dual enrollment arrangement is not possible.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced AP (advanced placement) is a program of courses developed by the College Board to give high school students an introduction to college-level classes and also gain college credit before graduating high school. These courses are more difficult than the usual high school class and also require passing an AP exam at the end of the year to gain the college credit.  The courses are usually taught by one of the high school faculty. However, despite its popularity, this is one of the worst options for this reason: college credit rests solely on the basis of the scores gained on the AP exam at the end of the year. A student who does not do well on exam day forfeits the opportunity for college credit. 

Reasons why Missional University is a great choice for homeschool & Christian high school students

We offer 25 different Dual Enrollment Academies

Attending a dual enrollment academy provides the student with an opportunity to learn more about an academic subject and its related careers - at the college level - before attending college. This exposure enables students to avoid the costly mistake of changing majors while attending college.

Dual Enrollment Academies for high school students are taught by Missional University professors

Attending a dual enrollment academy provides the student with an opportunity to learn more about an academic subject and its related careers - at the college level - before attending college. This exposure enables students to avoid the costly mistake of changing majors while attending college.

Livingstone Signature Series courses provide a firm foundation for college studies

Each dual enrollment academy requires students to take two of our Livingstone Signature Series courses. The first answers the question: "What is the mission of God in our world and what is my role in it?"  This course traces the theme of God's redemptive work in our world from Genesis to Revelation and provides students with ways to see God at work all around them in everyday life. The course introduces the student to the missional nature of God, how He has been at work through human history and ways in which Christian believers can participate in the work of God in the world around them. The second answers the question: "How do I grow spiritually, help other Christians to grow spiritually, and join other believers in engaging my community?"  The course teaches students how to develop a personalized spiritual development process through the study of scripture, prayer, and fellowship with other Christians that leads to engaging the needs of people around them together.  Students discover practical and creative ways of deepening their personal spirituality allowing more engagement with not-yet Christians and the development of an authentic missional community.

A student who knows and lives the answers to these questions is not only well-prepared to engage the world of university academia but adult life as well.  Missional University encourages its students to emulate the passion and vision of David Livingstone to join in serving in the mission of God wherever God leads them in many different vocational capacities. 

Many general education options

Most universities require students to take courses that convey broad knowledge and intellectual concepts to students and develop skills and attitudes that contribute to civic engagement, academic achievement, and professional attainment. Missional University allows students in the dual enrollment academies to take general education courses that are designed to develop essential academic skills for enhanced and continued learning across a broad range of subject areas.  General education courses encompass written and oral communication; quantitative principles, natural and physical sciences; social and behavioral sciences; and humanities and fine arts.

Credits transfer directly into Missional University degree programs 

Once a dual enrollment student graduates from high school and has completed the dual enrollment academy, the student may transfer all of the completed courses directly into a degree program. In addition, students may be able to transfer courses into programs in other students (but that is a decision of the receiving institution). 

An Associate Certificate is another great option

Some students may prefer taking an Associate Certificate program - and that is certainly a great option as well. The Associate Certificate programs include dual enrollment high school students in courses with college students. 

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