Pre-Chaplaincy Academy

Caring for Personal Concerns

Why Pre-Chaplaincy?

The Pre-Chaplaincy Academy introduces students to the theory, practice, and ethics of pastoral care and counseling, including cross-cultural settings. The curriculum also assists students to investigate the various forms of chaplaincy ministry. The biblical foundations for pastoral care and the ethics of chaplaincy will be integrated throughout the courses. Students are introduced to pastoral care in healthcare, military, correctional, disaster relief, first responder, and sports settings.

People are important to God, and so they, by definition, are important to persons who participate in the mission of God. Chaplains and pastoral care providers must be educated and trained so that they can effectively express the love and care of God to people.

Livingstone Signature Series

Livingstone Signature Series - 6 credit hours

General education courses

General Education - 6 credit hours

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