Pre-Storytelling Academy

Christian Witness through Stories

Why Pre-Storytelling?

Storytelling is one of the abilities that makes humans special. People in communities preserve memories, entertain one another and explore truth through stories. The bible can be viewed as God's love story of involvement with humanity since the beginning of time. It uses true and imaginary stories and poetry to convey truth. 

Drawing on this rich heritage, the Pre-Storytelling Academy introduces students to the structural components of scriptwriting including format, theme, character development, and writing techniques. Students critique and discuss published works and provide analysis. Students explore the power of story and its impact on narrative in contemporary culture and the functions of narrative in societies and cultures. 

Media permeates every area of society as a vehicle for storytelling. However, multimedia communication is changing on a daily basis. Students learn how to keep up with the trends and strategies of the evolution of communication. They also learn how to best harness its power to influence their life and organization. Students also examine theories and frameworks that are used to analyze and understand various aspects of human communication – from interpersonal to international communication. 

Livingstone Signature Series

Livingstone Signature Series - 6 credit hours

General education courses

General Education - 6 credit hours

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