FTH2300EN - Multimedia for Everyday Life

Course description

Media permeates every area of society. As media transforms from old school traditional into social media how will these trends affect communication? Multimedia communication is changing on a daily basis. Keep up with the trends and strategies of the evolution of communication. Learn how to best harness its power to influence your life and organization.

How this course benefits students

Just looking at how Social Media has transformed a political race and is shaping a Government shows the power of Media and the influence it can have. Students will learn the basics of every facet of media from print, broadcast, to social media. Students will learn the functions and capability how to maximize the messaging to their target audience.

Why this course is important

Knowing your audience is the key to crafting the message. Broadcasting that message is a both a science and art. We will examine all the current practices and future theories to help you deliver your message to your desired audience in the most efficient manner possible.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Film & Theatre Studies
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How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

Media is a tool like anything can be used for positive or negative purposes. The Bible teaches us to go out into all the world and preach the Gospel. Media is a very tangible platform we can utilize to reach and influence the masses for Christ.

Missionally driven

Media is the tool that transcends borders. A wide and disparate world can now be brought together with one message targeted correctly through the media. It can be a tool for unification or divisiveness. This is the tool that believers in Christ can use to reach out to an unsaved world.

Contextually informed

Media as a tool can be used globally on a broad scale or locally on more intimate scale. Messages can be targeted to reach an ultra-specific demographic. The key is to know your audience intimately to better craft the message to meet the audience’s need.

Interculturally focused

What the world needs now is a better understanding of each other. The best way to understand each other is through education. Media provides a wonderful platform where we can see differing cultures and bring a great awareness and understanding of our neighbors.

Practically minded

We live a media-fueled generation. The MTV generation is now having grandchildren with the perception of media being as essential as food-clothing and housing to those in the West. Churches now understand the power of media and influence that it has over their congregations. It’s a tool that ministry leaders can wisely and deftly use to influence their congregation to the message they want to convey.

Experientially transformed

We will go over media history and the latest technologies and trends in Media. Yet it still comes back to the core message and its value, but also how to get that message out to the broadest audience possible.