Undergraduate Certificate in Transforming Communities with a focus in Mental Health Practice

Promoting wellness & recovery in the mission of God

Why Mental Health Practice?

The Undergraduate Certificate in Mental Health Practice focuses attention on the treatment of individuals with mental and emotional disorders and other behavioral challenges. The courses address factors influencing mental health services in the community, mental health delivery and clinical skills in community mental health settings, various mental health models and theories utilized in prevention and treatment, and the theory, research and practice of diagnoses and treatment including social and multicultural issues.

Mental health practitioners promote wellness and emotional well-being. The life circumstances of individuals, families and communities are often adversely affected by the medical conditions, mental issues, and emotional disorders of people living with mental health issues. Thus, mental health is integral to and inseparable from a community's overall public health. In fact, mental and substance abuse disorders create extensive financial burders to families, communities and governments across the globe. Through the certificate program missional Christians learn to demonstrate compassion and understanding by serving others with mental illness.