Department of Digital Media Arts

Christian Witness through Art

Humanity lives in a complex and fluid tapestry of languages, cultures, and artistic forms. In the 21st century this complexity and rate of change has increased with the advent of global digital technologies that facilitate globalization trends, urbanization, migrations and cultural fusions. While peoples from around the world are expressing themselves in unique ways, their cultural understandings influence the way they use and receive computer-mediated visual information. The Department of Digital Media Arts empowers students with abilities to tell stories using various digital forms in this complex global environment.

Why Digital Media Art?

The cultural creativity of humankind is rooted in the image of God within each human being - however tainted it is by sinful human nature. Yet as Christian believers create, their creativity can become a reflection of God their creator and redeemer through each animation, graphic, publication or digital drawing or rendering. In fact, Christian digital artists have the opportunity to join in the mission of God in culture care where they serve in the mission of God as cultural stewards and custodians who nuture a culture's soul with beauty, creativity and visual impact. 

Causes Supported