ELD3110EN - Foundations of Mission-Shaped Disciplemaking

Course description

So what is the essence of following Jesus into the world? Since Jesus has sent each of us to join in serving in the mission of God, how do each of us uniquely live that out, and how do we equip other believers to do the same? The course engages the topic around the biblical themes of redemption, reconciliation, restoration, and renewal. Students move beyond a one-sided, soul-centered gospel to living out faith in context -- growing as a culture maker in the image of Christ while being a disciple-maker. Mission-shaped disciplemaking embraces the new life for all creation that Jesus brings -- restoring the environment, renewing cultures and remaking peoples by offering healing and hope.

How this course benefits students

All believers are called to live life on mission with Jesus. This course helps the student to develop a missional theology that supports a lifestyle of missional discipleship. Students learn how to become missional disciple-makers and help others to do the same.

Why this course is important

Missional disciple-making is an intentional process of forming Christ-followers to become more like Jesus for the sake of God’s mission in the world. This course provides a sound theological and practical application of living life on mission with Jesus.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Emerging Leadership
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Dr. Tony Foster, Professor of Missional Disciplemaking

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

This course examines both Old and New Testaments and how followers of Jesus live on mission when they are engaged in making disciples.

Missionally driven

Students gain a workable understanding as to what it means to live on mission with Jesus and make disciples who in turn can make disciples.

Contextually informed

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to making disciples. Student learn how to create strategy that is relevant to their particular space of influence.

Interculturally focused

Jesus does call his followers to cross cultural barriers to make disciples. This course explores how to gain an intercultural focus.

Practically minded

This course provides practical steps through practice, assignments, and guided discussions, to inform how someone might live life as a missional disciplemaker.

Experientially transformed

This course guides the student to develop a contextualized missional strategy for the sole purpose of developing a lifestyle of missional disciplemaking.