Pre-Mission Studies Acadmey

Serving Across Cultures

Why Pre-Mission Studies?

Pre-Mission Studies explores the mission of God by exploring salvation history through the redemptive vision of God in scripture. Students observe God at work through his people in living a missonal life and develop a template to apply God's mission into any context in which the student lives. 

Students learn basic terms, tools, and methods of cultural research and how to apply those skills in gaining a cultural understanding of their community. They are introduced to the nature of religious belief systems and practices across cultures in order to better understand the worldviews of a wide group of people groups and language groups. 

Pre-Mission Studies exposes the student to intercultural skills that are needed to share the gospel among unreached and underserved people groups in dialogical, non-confrontational ways. Students gain a foundation for intercultural mission to engage internationals that open doors for missional and career opportunities.

Livingstone Signature Series

Livingstone Signature Series - 6 credit hours

General education courses

General Education - 6 credit hours

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