Undergraduate Certificate in Transforming Communities with a focus in Community Health Promotion

Serving public health in the mission of God

Why Community Health Promotion?

Designed for students with a background in health care, public health, or community ministry, the Undergraduate Certificate in Community Health Promotion equips students to design and deliver health and wellness services for various settings. Students learn how to promote healthy lifestyles, prevent health problems, promote the role of well-being, provide health coaching and patient education programs, and lead efforts to create healthy environments and policies.

Health promotion improves the health status of individuals, families, communities, states, and nations. Health promotion enhances quality of life, prevents disease, and reduces premature deaths. By focusing on prevention, health promotion reduces costs to individuals, families, employers, insurance companies, medical facilities and employers. Missional graduates learn how to serve the church and community through research, health education, developing action campaigns, advocating for change, networking with organizations and systems to increase community involvement, creating community health development plans, and building partnerships to eliminate duplication and maximize resources.