Undergraduate Certificate in Transforming Communities with a focus in Faith Community Services

Serving communities in the mission of God

Why Faith Community Services?

The Undergraduate Certificate in Faith Community Services offers community ministry practitioners, church planters, pastors, and other missional leaders with the following;

  • a theological understanding of community, society and social relationships
  • a historical understanding of the development of faith-based community services and the social needs from which they arose
  • an operational understanding of congregational-based social ministry to neighborhoods locally and globally
  • the implications of the intersection between gospel-centered witness, the kingdom of God, and the mission of God for community services
  • the biblical foundation for compassion ministries, social justice and reform, and social change and transformation
  • a legal and ethical understanding of laws and ethical guidelines that apply to community ministries
  • the methods and skills needed to develop faith community services in diverse communities

Community Ministry can be defined as the activities carried out by missional Christians to join in God's work among individuals, families, and communities to bring about redemption, reconciliation, restoration and renewal through providing social services and taking social action in the community. It is rooted in the example of Jesus who combined "incarnational revelation" ["being the gospel"], "word revelation" ["saying the gospel"] and "deed revelation" ["doing the gospel"] together in his everyday life in the community. Community ministry embraces various holistic models to becoming active outside the four walls of the church building. The Undergraduate Certificate in Faith Community Services equips students to serve holistically by demonstrating the love of God through activities that serve the needs of individuals, families, and communities.