Undergraduate Certificate in Missional Practice with a focus in Spiritual Direction

Guiding spiritual growth in the mission of God

Why Spiritual Direction?

The Undergraduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction is a missionally driven, interdisciplinary certificate program that equips students to assess approaches for integrating spirituality with disparate missional contexts. They examine a variety of brands of spiritual development and soul-care that serve to encourage people groups in developing spiritual depth and impassioned missional practice. Students relate creative spiritual practices and contextualized spiritual growth strategies to their missional context.

Thorough study of worldviews and how they transition from one to another is important to the development of strategies for spiritual growth and dynamic impact on diverse cultural contexts. Students will understand how to imagine and encourage others to grow in a mature, biblically-based, missionally-driven spirituality.

Livingstone Signature Series

Livingstone Signature Series - 6 credit hours