Department of Criminal Justice & Public Safety

Caring for Restorative Justice

The overarching narrative of scripture is one of redemption and restoration. Beginning with God bringing order and peace out of chaos in the act of creation, repeatedly the scriptures give witness to God's dynamic, responsive, and persevering love, compassion and mercy. The theme of justice in scripture is one of restoration to wholeness. While God's impending judgement is also a theme, his retribution comes with pleas and opportunities for justice that seeks life for everyone in the community. What the world needs today is equitable justice that seeks salvation as well as correction; that sees all human life as having meaning, purpose and destiny; that pursues love-based action that embodies healing and restoration; and that provides peace and security for the most vulnerable members of society.  

Why Criminal Justice & Public Safety?

The Department of Criminal Justice & Public Safety builds upon a biblical foundation of equitable and restorative justice to equip a new generation of community-based peace officers who, as Christian believers, join the mission of God to bring healing, restoration and peace to individuals, families and communities.   

The department's programs provide a solid foundation for students to become involved in the multifaceted criminal justice system. Students learn to apply their skills to real life practice while creating an exceptional balance among academic preparation, practical application and the spiritual growth required for achieving a successful career from a missional perspective.

A wide assortment of courses, together with faculty who have exceptional experience in the field, provides a firm foundation and understanding of the principles, concepts, theories and practices associated with the criminal justice system. Students are equipped with leadership and critical thinking skills that are grounded in participation in the mission of God in the community.

Causes Supported