ITM1100EN - Intro to Cybersecurity

Course description

This course introduces students to the many facets of cybersecurity and information assurance. Students will learn the fundamentals of malware, cryptography, intrusion detection, risk management and network security. Ethical issues related to cybersecurity will be covered in depth.

How this course benefits students

With cybersecurity threats growing, students will gain an understanding of this critical field, the career pathways (expected to grow to 6 million globally in the next 3 years) and the ethical issues to better serve and provide ministry in this field.

Why this course is important

It is necessary for students to learn the many opportunities for ministry and careers in the growing field of cybersecurity.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Information Technology Management
Educational level
Learning type
Upcoming terms
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How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

With cybersecurity careers growing substantially, there is a need for biblically-educated professionals to enter this in-demand field.

Missionally driven

With unethical use of information, data breaches and growing security threats, the mission field is great but the workers are few. There is opportunity for service learning, community awareness, assistance to churches and ministry growth in this emerging area.

Contextually informed

Cybersecurity must take into consideration the actual needs that will be served in order to provide missional outreach in the context.

Interculturally focused

Global cybersecurity opportunities exist and by nature, this field is diverse. Ethics can change among differing cultures.

Practically minded

This course will provide a hands-on approach to learning, with practical research, cases and projects.

Experientially transformed

Students will research the latest cyber threats and the legal aspects of information assurance.