EDR3210EN - Acting I: Action & Technique

Course description

Explore and utilize advanced acting techniques. Building on concepts you have already learnt students deepen their understanding of techniques and skills foundational to the craft of acting, with theories and techniques from Michael Chekhov, Tadashi Suzuki, Sanford Meisner and many others.

How this course benefits students

Create meaningful artistic expression through performance. Students are challenged to create clear and simple characterizations considering the audience’s perspective. Training as actors not only adds to the performances but expands fundamental creative skills such as listening and learning to be artistically giving.

Why this course is important

Exploring and utilizing the skills of an actor can provide a foundation for deeper and more meaningful creative missional expression. Some actors are given the gift of performance and a calling to be a part of what God is doing in the world through creative abilities. This course helps students prepare for and explore that missional work.

Credit hours
3 hours
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Prof. Ben Roberts, Professor of Theatrical Performance

How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

Create meaningful biblical connections to performance. Biblical texts are at the heart of this course, providing a place to start as performers as well as providing concepts that guide the understanding of creative missional work.

Missionally driven

Initiate creative performance work that communicates to a wider community. Students consider and identify stories, themes, and ideas that can be used to establish the basis for creative missional expression.

Contextually informed

In this course students grow in their understanding of acting as it relates to their own position in history and their own place in the world. Acting as an art form is inherently connected to the lived experiences of the audience and the actor.

Interculturally focused

Communicate openly and honestly through performances, with sensitivity to cultural similarities and differences. Students learn techniques from many culturally unique viewpoints.

Practically minded

With a focus on performance, this course provides opportunity for practical experience for the actor. Students are challenged to explore their own abilities, not only as performers but as listeners and watchers of performance.

Experientially transformed

Produce an audition portfolio and actor’s resume. Exercises and assignments give students the opportunity to create their own work and build familiarity with aspects of acting outside of performance.