COR2300EN - Foundations of Correctional Ministry

Course description

This course identifies various forms of prison ministries that are available to correctional officers, chaplains, volunteers, and clergymen. It also addresses issues that are prevalent in prison culture and prison ministry. This course stresses the importance of consistently practicing Christian Spiritual Discipline to all those who participate in the various forms of prison ministry. Student communication exercises are an integral part of the course, in that the students discuss personal strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to the Christian Spiritual Discipline that is needed to be effective in prison ministry. Reflective journals are also used to allow the students to express their spiritual development as they experience prison ministry.

How this course benefits students

In the field of prison ministry it is important that clients are able to trust that the ministry worker is firmly established in his or her faith through their words, actions, and deeds. It is equally important that the ministry workers are informed on various issues that exist in prison culture and prison ministry so that they can navigate their given prison ministries with wisdom and discipline. It is through spiritual development and spiritual discipline that the ministry workers are able to be representatives of stability in the prison environment. This course prepares the students to be effective in prison ministry from different capacities in the field such as: correctional officer, chaplain, volunteer, and clergyman. The course provides prison ministry workers the opportunity to communicate with others about their personal testimonies and experiences.

Why this course is important

Spiritual discipline is important, in that it firmly plants the students and their prison ministry on a biblical foundation. It is important that students have respect and integrity among the inmates as this has a great impact on how successful their prison ministry is.

Credit hours
3 hours
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How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

This course is based on a biblical worldview. We shall adhere to Romans 15:1 “We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.” We who are strong in the faith should be the ones who are able to carry the burden and doubts of those who are imprisoned. The strength of our students' actions and faith should strengthen the actions and faith of those who are imprisoned.

Missionally driven

In correctional facilities, offenders' faith is often tested. This is when students that are correctional officers, chaplains, volunteers, and clergymen are obligated to exemplify their faith in God through their thoughts, words, and deeds so that others in the prison system may see and be strengthened in their faith and character.

Contextually informed

This class pertains to informing the students about the part of ministry that involves communicating their faith and developing in Christian spiritual discipline. The students are informed on how to be a consistent representative of faith and strength in the prison system.

Interculturally focused

There is a diversity of cultures that exist throughout the world, likewise, there are cultural diversities inside communities within correctional facilities as well. This course takes a closer look at how practicing spiritual discipline and studying prison culture helps students in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with incarcerated offenders that are from different cultures. The theological, social, and practical aspects of one's faith is also focused on from a multicultural perspective.

Practically minded

This course also focuses on the importance of ministry workers becoming representatives of faith and strength among the offenders. It instructs the students in further understanding its usefulness while ministering to offenders in correctional facilities. Through reflective communication and Christian Spiritual Discipline learners develop the ability to share the gospel effectively in prisons worldwide.

Experientially transformed

This course provides the students with methodologies (in Christian Spiritual Discipline) pertaining to the navigation of prison culture and service to the imprisoned. Reflective journals are written and used to allow the students to share their spiritual development as they experience prison ministry with other learners.