Graduate Certificate in Missional Practice with a focus in Missional Disciplemaking in Global Contexts

Guiding others to serve in the mission of God

Why Missional Disciplemaking in Global Contexts?

The Graduate Certificate in Missional Disciplemaking in Global Context is a missionally driven, interdisciplinary certificate program to equip Christian believers to live out their faith by engaging the biblical themes of redemption, reconciliation, restoration, and renewal in their communities. Students learn to lead groups to grow theologically together, deepen their personal spirituality, and grow as a culture maker in the image of Christ while being a disciple-multiplier. Mission-shaped disciplemaking embraces the new life for all creation that Jesus brings -- restoring the environment, renewing cultures, and remaking peoples by offering healing and hope.

A missional approach to transformational disciplemaking is new to much of what is called "discipleship." The unique focus of this program is the personal and social transformation of individuals and communities to become Christ-like culture-makers, image-bearers, and disciple-multipliers.