ELD5200EN - Transformational Disciplemaking in Context

Course description

The purpose of this course is to establish a clear understanding of how best to make disciples within a particular cultural context. Students develop a deeper awareness of the culture around them or a future ministry context while building on their own experience as missional disciplemakers. Each student is expected to research, construct, present, and support a detailed and effective strategy of disciplemaking within a particular context of ministry.

How this course benefits students

Missional leaders need to have a disciplemaking strategy which fits the culture and context that is inherent to their ministry setting. Often when a person travels to minister to a new people group or location it takes time and effort to establish an awareness of a different cultural environment. This course offers students advanced insight as they make disciples within their given cultural base and/or cross-culturally.

Why this course is important

The course is critical to missional leaders who minister from place to place. Within each new environment, unique cultural implications are discovered. This course guides students to go both deeper and wider as they navigate their ministry settings and make disciples.

Credit hours
3 hours
Subject area
Emerging Leadership
Educational level
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How this course relates to missional core values

Biblically based

Contextualized disciplemaking cannot occur without the biblical base from which disciplemaking is generated. Both the Old and New Testaments offer missional Great Commission directives. This course explores these guidelines with the goal of understanding the importance of making disciples within culture and context.

Missionally driven

Disciples who make disciples live relational, missional lives. This course presses students to actively become established in their missiology as they study disciplemaking.

Contextually informed

Effective transfer of ideas cannot and will not occur without a clear awareness of context. This course examines culture, traditions, customs, ethnicity, and backgrounds to better understand the context in which missional disciplemaking may take place.

Interculturally focused

An element of the Great Commission is to teach or be a witness to "all nations." This course prepares missional leaders to make disciples interculturally, whether in an international urban setting nearby or with a neighbor next door.

Practically minded

True missional leaders naturally make disciples. This course directs students toward patterns of disciplemaking praxis in everyday life.

Experientially transformed

Disciplemaking requires action. This course points students toward actively relating face to face, thought to thought, heart to heart, and life to life with others on the journey of being a disciple.