Graduate Certificate in Transforming Communities with a focus in Immigrant Human Services Management

Serving immigrants and refugees in the mission of God

Why Immigrant Human Services Management?

The Graduate Certificate in Immigrant Human Services Management equips human services administrators to lead community ministries and social service agencies with the following capabilities:

  • a theological understanding of immigration, refuge, and justice
  • ability to develop ethical community development practices
  • effective strategic planning and operational control in human service organizations
  • a grasp of the causes and consequences of forced and voluntary migration
  • ability to apply clinical social work assessment and intervention to immigrant groups to help individuals and families.
  • practical skills in social service delivery to immigrants based on understanding the laws and policies, and reform and challenges facing migrant communities
  • cultural competencies in multicultural interventions with immigrant individuals, families, organizations, and communities
  • ability to investigate and analyze policy issues relating to migration, refugees, asylum, deportation, and citizenship issues in American law.

Human services is an interdisciplinary field of study with the objective of meeting human needs through an applied knowledge base, focusing on prevention as well as remediation of problems, and maintaining a commitment to improving the overall quality of life of service populations. The process involves the study of social technologies (practice methods, models, and theories), service technologies (programs, organizations, and systems), and scientific innovations that are designed to ameliorate problems and enhance the quality of life of individuals, families, and communities to improve the delivery of service with better coordination, accessibility, and accountability. The Graduate Certificate in Immigrant Human Services Management equips students to lead community ministries and social service organizations to holistically demonstrate the love of God among immigrant groups through the application of appropriate social and service technologies and the innovative delivery of diaspora services.