Master of Theological Studies with a major in Hebrew Language & Literature

Program type: Masters degree

Elective requirements

Students enrolled in the MTS in Hebrew Language & Literature are required to successfully complete 12 credit hours of elective credit (equivalent to four courses).  This elective requirement may be fulfilled by any one of the following:

  • Elective credits    (12 credit hour)
  • Optional Concentration  (12 credit hours)
  • Extended Research & Project  (12 credit hours)
  • Extended Research & Thesis    (12 credit hours)

Optional Concentration Requirements

Students enrolled in the MTS in Hebrew Language & Literature degree program may select a concentration that will be applied towards the fulfillment of the elective requirements. Concentrations enable students to gain knowledge and competencies in a specific area of study correlated to Hebrew Language & Literature.

Graduation requirements

Complete 63 credit hours
A maximum of 50% of the program hours may be transferred if approved and allowable, including credit from an earned degree from Missional University on the same academic level
Minimum 2.0 GPA
No grade of D may be applied to the degree (includes grades of D+ and D-)
Degree must be completed within 5 years
All students admitted on Academic Caution are required to enroll in and pass ENG5100 in their first academic term
Submission of Graduate Application must be completed within the last academic term of a student's anticipated graduation date


All Applicable Prerequisites must be met
Any course substitutions must be approved by the Academic Dean and the Registrar.


The provisions of this program plan summary is not to be considered an irrevocable contract between the student and the University. The summary attempts to present information regarding the current program curriculum in an accurate and timely fashion. Changes in programs, requirements, regulations, etc., which are adopted through regular administrative procedures will be published through an updated program plan summary sheet. Changes enacted in this manner may supersede provisions of this current program plan summary.