Graduate Certificate in Missional Practice with a focus in Missional Communities, Ethos & Expression

Serving by participating in the mission of God

Why Missional Communities, Ethos & Expression?

The Graduate Certificate in Missional Communities, Ethos & Expression is a missionally driven, interdisciplinary certificate program that equips Christian believers to live an authentic life in the mission of God. The curriculum includes theological foundations, a historical study of early church boundary negotiation with those outside the faith, a redemptive-historical hermeneutic for interpreting the nexus between scripture and culture, a framework for embodying mission through life in the larger community, and the development of missional communities.

Foundational to missional ministry is an understanding of how to authentically live a life on mission while including and impacting family, neighborhood, workplace, and community. The Missional Communities, Ethos, and Expression course of study equips students to become expert missional practitioners as they merge their faith, career, and mission.