Department of Missional Living

Lifework with a Calling

The Department of Missional Living is grounded in the biblical conviction that the disciple of Jesus has the privilege and the responsibility to live out the Great Commission and the Great Commandment in every aspect of life. Graduates will discover how the transcultural gospel can direct, shape, and drive their involvement in the marketplace, in the arts, in sports, in the military,  and in the relationships of life, leading them to be equipped to fulfill their missional calling in whatever context and community they are called.  

Why Missional Living?

Too often followers of Jesus misapply the biblical call to be holy or separate from the world as one of absolute withdrawal from culture and society. The Department of Missional Living is convinced that the call is to be both holy and salt and light in every aspect of human life.  The Department, therefore, rejects a hard division between the sacred and the secular. Rather, we believe that the missio Dei is best expressed by living missionally to and within all domains of culture and society.

The Department of Missional Living challenges students to explore, understand, and evaluate the life and work contexts in which they live, work, and play. Graduates are able to biblically, theologically, and practically develop, model, and teach missional life and engagement that is both faithful to God’s word and fruitful in outcome.


Causes Supported