Department of Missional Congregations

Lifework Developing Missional Congregations

The Department of Missional Congregations builds on the biblical and theological foundation of the missio Dei in and to particular peoples, contexts, and cultures. Graduates learn how the transcultural gospel has been taken to all peoples through starting missional congregations in diverse contexts global contexts throughout history, and thus are equipped to fulfill their own missional calling in specific congregations contexts. 

Why Leading & Starting Missional Congregations?

The Great Commission to make disciples of all nations is the Lord’s undeniable command. Starting & leading New Testament churches in and for every culture and people is the undeniable biblical strategy. Those convictions drive the Department of Missional Congregations to search Scripture, study history, and understand people groups and population segments so that students called to gather disciples into congregations and lead them out to engage their communities may be equipped to do so faithfully and fruitfully.

The Department of Missional Congregations challenges students to explore, analyze, and evaluate their own contexts and church backgrounds, and the contexts where God may be calling them to live and work missionally. Graduates then are able to lead out and participate in congregational development that is biblically faithful, theologically driven, and historically, sociologically, culturally, and contextually informed.

Causes Supported