Department of Missional Theology & History

Studying God at Work

The Department of Missional Theology & History builds on the foundation of theology of mission studies and stands on the shoulders of the saints who have preceded us. Studies in the theological unfolding of the missio dei and of the historical endeavors and movements to fulfill that mission give graduates intellectual, spiritual, and personal confidence as they, too, fulfill their part in the redemptive mission of God.

Why Missional Theology & History?

In a world often ruled by pragmatism and the latest trends, those seeking to live missionally must be confident they are standing on solid theological and historical foundations. If it is true that there is really “nothing new under the sun,” then every student needs to know what has gone before, whether theological reflection or actual missions and ministry efforts. Only then are students able to properly learn from those who have gone before, avoiding their mistakes and building on their accomplishments. Only then are students able to do a “new” thing with confidence.

The Department of Missional Theology & History challenges students to explore, analyze, and evaluate what our forefathers thought and did. Then students are able to biblically, theologically, and with historical insight develop, critique, and implement initiatives that are not only faithful to God’s mission but also fruitful in their outcome.


Concentrations consist of 4 or 5 courses (12 or 15 credit hours) that are offered by departments that are attached to majors in various schools and colleges with related programs. Tracks consist of 6 to 9 courses (18 to 27 credit hours) that are considered a part of the major to which they are attached.


  • Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations
  • Ancient Near Eastern Languages