Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies with a focus in Missional Theology & Practice

Studying the scriptures in the mission of God

Why Missional Theology & Practice?

The Graduate Certificate in Missional Theology & Practice equips students to understand the biblical and theological foundations for missional engagement in a variety of cultures and life contexts. The program is driven by the assumption that all belief and all action is grounded in theology, whether articulated or not. Students learn how to articulate a theology for missional engagement as they serve in God's redemptive mission.

Service in the mission of God occurs among those both within the faith community and those outside. However, in an ever religiously antagonistic world, the Graduate Certificate in Missional Theology & Practice encourages students to evaluate the missional ethos, ethics, proclamation, and witness of the early church as a foundation for developing a 21st century, biblically-informed approach to missional engagement in diverse settings.  Students develop a theological framework for mission that is grounded in the practice of Jesus, the apostles, and the Christians of the early church.

Core faculty